What is this website about?

Our goal is to allow all users to participate in the mining to come, regardless of your age, location, investment, whether the technology or have experience. We would like to offer our clients an opportunity to try to encrypt the currency mining to get Bitcoin. More broadly, as an economic system, we hope to contribute to the development of mining machinery services and subsequently develop, establish and adopt bit currency exchange rates.

Did i need to pay for electricity and maintenance?

You do not need to pay electricity and maintenance fees, these charges and maintenance fees are paid by the Soft-Mining. All mining proceeds are used to share profits.

When to start calculating the user's profit? Where are the profits paid?

Profits starts on the first block mined after the contract comes into effect. Profits will be paid to the user’s wallet.

When will the contract end?

It is a lifetime contract terms.

Is this an absolute risk-free product?

Soft-Mining is NOT absolutely risk-free project. In the event of an exceedingly rise of difficulty, or the price drops abnormally, hardware may be shut down before clients can recover their investment. In this case, contract will be suspended till situation gets better (which may last for long time or even permanently).
However, we are using most efficient machine on the market to minimize the downtime and the probability of irrecoverable investment loss from above.